Wrestling stars

Original price was: £2,500.00.Current price is: £2,200.00.

I mainly use the technique of glazing: applying a transparent layer of oil paint on the textured surface of the previous dense layer of paint. Some of the canvas (only used linen canvas) pre-coated textured relief layer, after which emphasizes the character and texture of an image. My work is without ram.There are designed for the collection and for the interior. Topics for my works I draw from life (translate them into associative array) and sometimes topics come in my dreams full of philosophical meaning.The technique of a classical (canvas stretched on a frame, oil), with the use of textures, using a relief paste and glaze technique (thin layer of paint with varnish) the ends of the picture are the continuation of the image. Work can be transported as a roll and a rigid box. (Work wrapped in foil with bubbles) Shipping costs included in the price of the work. Along with the work of authorship is sent a certificate signed by the artist. Painting without frame, but you can hang on the wall.