Volodymyr Bakhtov “The Gardens of Peter Greenway” 60х90 cm


In his films, the famous English filmmaker Peter Greenaway often “quotes” classical European painting and creates a new cinematic reality based on the plastic ideas of old masters. As an artist, I am inspired by the reverse principle: the magic of the film provokes the creation of a “freeze-frame” picture, where everything is verified and complete.

In the famous Greenaway’s film, The Draughtsman’s Contract, a sophisticated garden-scape conceals dangerous secrets and hints seduction. With a reference to this garden-scape, elusive beauty emerges on the photo. It steals through mazes and leafy alleys, and poses artistically for a while, allowing an amazed spectator to delight in its perfection.

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2019 , AP 1/10,

photo, digital printing, Epson photo paper, 290 gsm,

60х90 cm


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