Volodymyr Bakhtov “Sandstorm” (from the series “Winds of Cimmeria”)


1986 , AP, etching, colour printing, paper 300 gsm. 49.5×64 cm.

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Cimmeria is the oldest name for the Northern Black Sea Coast. Very little is known about the peoples who inhabited it. Without a written language, they left no mythological texts. When you are in the same geographical space as the ancient Cimmerians, you can easily identify with them and take the liberty of writing your own “Cimmerian mythology.” The main characteristics of this space remain unchanged: Sea, Sand, Sky … and Wind. And this incites the imagination. The sandstorm is approaching. Three women are covering themselves against the wind with one enormous veil, turning into a mythical creature with three heads. Now they are strong and can welcome the elements!


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