Vladislav Sherishevskiy “Vine”


2012. Oil on canvas. 39 2/5 × 59 1/10 in 100 × 150 cm

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PERSONAL EXHIBITIONS (selective) 2002 “Move of the Knight”. Gallery “Triptych” (Kiev, Ukraine) Exhibition in National Bank of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine) 2000 “Presents”. Gallery “Studio Karas” (Kiev, Ukraine) Gallery “Tadzio” (Kiev, Ukraine) 1999 Gallery “36” (Kiev, Ukraine) Gallery “Irena” (Kiev, Ukraine) 1998 “Neonostalgia”. Gallery “Studio Karas” (Kiev, Ukraine) 1997 Gallery “Irena” (Kiev, Ukraine) 1995 Gallery “Blank Art” (Kiev, Ukraine) Art-Club “Earth” (Kiev, Ukraine) Municipal Gallery (Munich, Germany) 1994 Gallery “Helling” (Hamburg, Germany) 1993 Gallery “Helling” (Hamburg, Germany) 1992 Gallery “Impex Art” (Milan, Italy) GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selective) 2001 “Dialog with Citation”. Gallery “Studio Karas” (Kiev, Ukraine) 2000 International Art Festival (Den Haag, the Netherlands) 1999 “Communication Is Becoming Art”, VII specialized exhibition “Informatics and Communications’99”. Kiev Sport Palace (Kiev, Ukraine) Art Exhibition “ХХ Artists of Ukraine (end of the century)”. Gallery “Studio Karas” (Kiev, Ukraine) 1998 “Artarchive”. National Historical Museum (Kiev, Ukraine) Triune of Painiting (Kiev, Ukraine) 1997 Exhibition of Ukrainian Artists “Art Images 1+1”. Gallery “Lavra” (Kiev, Ukraine) “Contemporary Art of Ukraine”. New Collection of Radio “Super Nova” (Kiev, Ukraine) International Art-Festival. Center “Ukrainian House” (Kiev, Ukraine) 1996 10-years of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station Catastrophe. Representation of UN in Geneva (Geneva, Switzerland) 1993 Joint exhibition of young artists (Nurnberg, Germany) 1992 Exhibition “NISAJON”. Central House of Artists (Kiev, Ukraine) Exhibition “ФОST” (Kiev, Ukraine)


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