Viktoria Adkozalova “After thunderstorm”

2021 year; canvas, acrylic, led-lamps, author’s technique; 100 cm x 100 cm.


Project: To live

There is nothing but a human being, everything is revealed only in him, and everything is subordinated to him.

I am interested in a human with her mental composition, with the way of her life, her feelings, and thoughts. My task is to reveal human infinity, the bottomlessness of human nature, and the human soul.


About artist: Viktoria Adkozalova

Viktoria Adkozalova was born on October 3, 1987, in Feodosia, Ukraine.

From early childhood, she showed a love of drawing. One of Viktoria’s sources of inspiration was a landscapes and expanses of her native Crimea.

In 2002, Viktoria graduated from the Aivazovsky art school, making the first step in her career.

The next stage was the Kherson National Technical University, where she studied design and painting under the guidance of the famous Ukrainian artist Galina Sorokhan.

During her student years, Viktoria demonstrates her creative abilities and takes part in various art exhibitions.

Since 2009, he has been actively engaged in professional creative activities and studies at the National Pedagogical University named after Dragomanov at the faculty of Musical Art.

Viktoria is a participant and winner of various international art exhibitions and competitions. Creates painting and graphic works, VR-art, and installations.

Participated in the creation of the VR film “The New Sensitivity” for the Blockchain Art Hackathon project.

The artist’s artworks were selected by an international jury for projects – Ukrainian Art Week; Ukrainian contemporary women’s art fest; ONE DAY AFTER Kyiv History Museum.

Viktoria’s works are present in private collections in the USA, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, France and Kyiv History Museum.

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