Valentina Shustova „Home celebration”

2021; oil painting, canvas, oil paints; 55 x 60 cm

Works are painted in the technique of oil painting, genre – portrait in the style of realism, cubism, impressionism with brushes and / or spatula.

About artist: Valentyna Shystova
Amateur painter.
Environmental engineer in training.
Born in 1980, Rivne oblast (Ukraine).
Valentyna was keen on painting from a very young age. This hobby has been accompanying her for all these years…
In 2018 Valentyna started attending an Art studio at Rivne gallery of European art.

In 2019 participated in group exhibition “Legatto” where one of her paintings was purchased for a private collection.

In 2020 – Valentyna’s first personal exhibition, “Guests”. It’s main concept was based on showing attention to the environmental problems and the destructive impact on nature and surrounding made by society worldwide.
Several paintings was purchased for a private collections.

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