Urban Mykhailo “Constructivist composition”


Urban Mykhailo “Constructivist composition”, 1999. Relief, mixed media, wood, gesso. 71X71 cm.


URBAN MYKHAILO (b. 1928) M. Urban is a painter and sculptor constructivist born in Galychyna. Studied at Chicago Art Institute and other high school in Chicago. Since 1965 has taken part in group exhibitions in universities, museums and galleries in the USA. Held few personal exhibitions including the one in the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago (1973). Urban creates constructivist abstract sculptures easily arranged in space, cultivates geometrical forms in painting. M. Urban is a co-founder of Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago, where at varying times were conducted sentinel exhibitions of O. Arkhypenko, J. Hnizdovsky, K. Milonadis, U.Soloviy and M. Urban.


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