Ukrainian cossack


2019. Ukraine. Size 55×55 cm.
Glass, gelatin silverprint, orotone. 1 copy.
The orotone photograph is created by printing a positive on a glass plate precoated with a silver gelatin emulsion. The developed glass plate is gold-leafed by hand.
Cossacks were Ukrainian warriors and rebels who created in the 15th century their own community “Zaporizhska Sich” on Dnipro river islands and protected their land. They became a well-respected political entity with a parliamentary system of government, wrote the first European Constitution by Pylyp Orlyk and were known as perfect warriors.
The Cossacks had very exotic appearance with long forelock and mustaches, turcish sabers and national Ukrainian clothes. The actor on this picture is dressed in traditional cossack’s cloth and has the authentic look.


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