THE ROAD BLAZER (Drum of the Gods)

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An Abstract Imagery which Portrays a Passionate Talented Drummer and musician.
Music is such a big compact to our lives, its universal and Everyone from Every culture Enjoys music in the Entire universe.
The Rhythm alone this Passionate Drummer and musician Produces, Radiates and Captivates the mind,body and Soul. And will literally get your feet moving & your head nodding even if you try to resist. The Power of Rhythm.
The title Road Blazer, because Music Plays a Vital Role/Significant Antidote for Every mood in our Everyday lives, which is obviously Enormous.
*Music Improves happiness,
*Increases Performance at work, which helps to boost Productivity.
*Decreases Stress & Depression
*Strengthens your Memory & improves a healthy life.
*Elevates Moods while Driving
*Boosts your Energy & Performance while working out or Jogging.
With all other things been equal, without music the universe while be in Shambles cos there’s nothing Mankind can do without music. And Symbol on the Drum is a Ghanaian Ancestral Symbol called “Gye Nyame” which means God is the master of all.

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