Lobortas Classic Jewelry House. Made in a single copy. Materials: gold, silver, blue sapphires, enamel. SPECIAL FEATURE OF THE CUFFLINKS: Application of a new patented system – the gyroscope, which was first used in the nominal cufflinks of Donald Trump. Artistic description: The strength and power, might and prosperity – main and inalienable characters that are captured in the history of the monarchs of the Kingdom of Spain. The basis of the cufflinks was the emblem of the Kingdom of Spain, which is a compilation of the coats of medieval states: Castile is represented with a castle; Leon – with a lion; Aragon – with four red stripes on the golden background; Navarre – in the form of related circuits; Andalusia is shown in the form of a pomegranate, emblem of Emirate of Granada, the last of the Muslim States, seized by the Christian kings in the course of the Reconquista; in the heart of the Emblem – Inescutcheon Azure with three fleurs-de-lys Or, bordure Gules, which is for Anjou branch of the Bourbon Dynasty, to which the the king and his family belongs, and the crown cresting the shield is a symbol of the fact that Spain is kingdom; the towers symbolize the Pillars of Hercules, so the Gibraltar , which at that time was considered the edge of the world used to be called. The Motto “Plus Alta” of the emblem is translated from lat. as Beyond the limit (prior to the discovering of America by Columbus: Non Plus Ultra –from lat. Further nowhere, because Pillars of Hercules were considered the edge of the world). Ethnic and cultural diversity, luxury and grandeur are the integral parts of culture and art of the Kingdom, these cufflinks may become only evidence to the history of the State, capturing the main attribute – the symbol of this Great Empire.

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