2020. 12,5x9x3 cm.Epoxy resin, silicon.

The civilization of selfies makes us look like insects frozen in amber billions of years

ago. Social networks have become a digital trap. Living portraits in a death mask. A

communication tool designed to build bridges and unite built transparent walls. I see

an infinite number of selfies. An attempt to create and preserve your image and your

mood turned into a clumsy demonstration of masks. Imagine an ant frozen in resin

at a time when instinct was the only model. Are we that far from it? The ability to

listen and empathize, the ability to feel pain become a vestige. The main thing is the

law of the anthill: You are slaves of instincts. In my work, I return the volume of two-

dimensional photos and show the emptiness behind them. It is a return to the theme

of corporeality, which is being dramatically rethought in the 21st century, it is a

conversation about the facets of freedom. The world is bound by hypocritical

censorship. But even in the presence of all freedom social networks generated in

characters deprived of personal. Individuality seems to be immersed in transparent

invisible concrete, the canons imposed by society. My work continues to study the

theme of death in the digital age. The attempt to become equal to God and to create

oneself on social networks became a great construction of the Tower of Babel. A

small push will be enough for our digital world to fall apart into bricks. Creation is at

the same time destruction.

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Dimensions12 × 9 × 3 cm


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