Serafym Charkin “Insomnia”


2019; 106×121 cm; oil on canvas

About artist:
Serafym Charkin was born in 1945 in Sumy in the North-Eastern Ukraine. After the graduation from the Leningrad V. Serov Art School the artist moved to Odessa and for many years worked there as a restorer at the Odessa Art Museum. Now he lives and creates in Odessa. He is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. First personal exhibition was held in 1984. Since that time numerous personal exhibitions were organized in Ukraine and abroad. S. Charkin’s works are hold in private collections in Ukraine, Germany, USA. S. Charkin’s painting is not imitative, it absorbed the culture of impressionism and post-impressionist movements – including the French Favists and Cubists. Charkin passes their legacy through himself, and develops further, creating his own unique style. The feeling of improvisation, free expression arises while watching his paintings. Charkin is inspired by joy, sensuality, and optimism.

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