Sculptural and dynamic composition: Football of the 21st Century: Bicycle Kick From the unique collection of the 21st Century Sports in Sculpture


Lobortas Classic Jewelry House. Materials: silver, jade, metals. The time has been rushing forward steadily and rapidly, and with the beginning of the third millennium, the art of sculptural miniatures acquired new “prototypes”, brand new characters that have so many features typical of the 21st century. It requires the artist and the sculptor to apply the cutting-edge techniques capable of “breathing” the modernity’s creative spark of life into their characters. The development of contemporary art grants an opportunity to reflect the world around us as it is. As if followed this rule, Carl Fabergé created stone-carving figurines with images of his contemporaries in the style of small plastic art; Eugene Lanceray “attributed soul” to the images of characters in bronze; the sports stories by Chaikov and Ianson-Manizer, famous in the USSR, embodied the spirit of mid-20th century sports competitions in bronze. The Work of Football of the 21st Century: Bicycle Kick is one of the very first ones to be the starting point in the birth of new era of realistic sculpture. It has already comprised jewelry accuracy of execution, the dynamics of rotary and observational system that enhances both the expression of a new image and living similarity with contemporary sportsmen as a testimony of the pronounced 21st century that has come. This event has been reflected in the footballer’s t-shirt number. THE WORK’S FEATURE: As the originator of the directions of Realism of the XXI Century and the 21st Century Sports, the Lobortas Jewelry Innovations House has united realism and the latest technical achievements in the small-scale sculpture, and the artisans and artists presented to the world a miniature sculpture the only of its kind, in which dynamic stands shape a special space, on which gladiators of the 3rd Millennium converged. The uniqueness is in the rotary and observational system used in the small-scale sculpture for the first time. Unique, unparallelled cut of minerals enhances the expression of the composition. The work is from the special collection of the 21st Century Sports in Sculpture. The collection has already been rated high by the leading experts as one of the most interesting creative, jewelled and technological developments of the twenty-first century. Composition dimensions (width – depth – height): 225-150-255 mm. Weight – 2090 g. The work comes with special shipping case.

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