Sculptural and dynamic composition: Basketball From the unique collection of the 21st Century Sports in Sculpture


The work is in a single copy. Composition dimensions (width – depth – height): 217-155-340 mm. Weight – 3395 g. Materials: silver, brass, gilding, nickel plating, bronze, sand jasper, stained glass. Lobortas Classic Jewelry House. Back in December 1891, James Naismith revealed an exciting ball game hitherto unknown to the world of sports. Basketball has truly revolutionized sports culture and the minds of fans. Dynamic, team, spectacular sport where a young talent passes the way to the true winner, whose movements and skills are admired, and literally do stop time when the ball is covetedly hit in the basket. Today, miniaturist sculptors got a new and very important task: to convey the image of the soaring basketball player in the instant of blazing jump most accurately. Virtuosity of powerful movements of an athlete has frozen in innovative sculpture. A special dynamic stand forms a special three- dimensional expanse, where the effect of presence on the basketball court is born when rotating. Scrupulousness and the desire to win have merged into a filigree work of modern jewelers, designed to be the starting point in the birth of the 21st century’s realistic sculpture. THE WORK’S FEATURE: As the originator of the directions of Realism of the XXI Century and the 21st Century Sports, the Lobortas Jewelry Innovations House has united realism and the latest technical achievements in the small-scale sculpture, and the artisans and artists presented to the world a miniature sculpture the only of its kind, in which dynamic stands shape a special space, on which gladiators of the 3rd Millennium converged. The work comes with special shipping case. The uniqueness is in the rotary and observational system used in the small-scale sculpture for the first time. Unique, unparallelled cut of minerals enhances the expression of the composition. The work is from the special collection of the 21st Century Sports in Sculpture. The collection has already been rated high by the leading experts as one of the most interesting creative, jewelled and technological developments of the twenty-first century.

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