ROMAN ZHUK “Black grapes in the vase”


Dead man’s shoes; 100×140 cm; oil on canvas; 2021

Roman ZHUK
Born in Ukraine in 1955.
Graduated in 1978 from the College of Decorative and Applied Arts in Lviv .
From 1978 until 1982 he gave painting lessons at that same college.

List of exhibitions:
1987 Kyiv Exhibition of young artists of the Ukrainian Republic.
Moscow “Manege” Exposition Hall. All-Union exhibition “Youth of the Country”.
1988 Kyiv “Sednev-88”, group expedition.
Exhibition of a group of Lviv-artists.
Exhibition dedicated to the 50-th anniversary of the Ukrainian Union of Artists.
Union Republic exhibition “The Universe, Event, Man”.
Union Republic exhibition.
Moscow All-Union exhibition.
Kyiv – “Soviet Fine Art”, joint Soviet-American exhibition of young artists.
Toronto Third International Exhibition of miniatures and smallsized works.
Moscow “Manege” Exposition Hall. International exhibition of young artists.
Athens Kostakis Gallery. “To-Day”, exhibition of 11 soviet artists.
1989 Lviv National Art Gallery. Solo exhibition.
Poznan ´´Interart-89“, international Art Fair.
1990 Kyiv State Museum of Ukrainian Art. “Ukrainian painting of 20-th century”.
Atlanta Gallery Bernis Masse. Exhibition of soviet artists.
New York Penta Hotel. Exhibition of 27 soviet artists.
Seattle Gallery 503. “The Russians are here…”, exhibition of soviet artists.
1991 Tokyo Artexpo-91.
The Hague Gallery Facette. Solo exhibition.
Zegveld Gallery Vermeije. Solo exhibition.
1992 The Hague Regentenkamer. Solo exhibition.
Pulchri Studio. Solo exhibition.
Gallery Facette. Solo exhibition.
Amsterdam Timir Gallery. Solo exhibition “New life in still-life”.
1993 Den Bosch De Muzerije.”Dutch Magic Realists”, group exposition.
Amsterdam Gallery Vieleers. Solo exhibition.
Timir Gallery. “News flash”, group exposition.
1994 Doetinchem “Huntenkunst”. International Art fair.
Antwerpen Euro Art II.
New York Agora Gallery.”Form in Flux”.
1996 Lviv National Art Gallery. Solo exhibition.
Munich Forum der Technik. “Farbenspiele”, group exposition.
2001 Kyiv Art exhibition.
Delft Gallery De Sigarenfabriek.”Bacchus and Venus”.
2002 Moskow Krymsky Val Exposition Hall.”Ukraine”.
Kyiv Exibitions of Lviv´s artists.
Delft World Art Delft.”Winterexposition”.
2003 Lviv Palace of Art. “Autumn Salon”.
Amsterdam American Book Center.”Pojekchaly”.
2004 Kyiv State Union of Artist.”Exibitions of artists”.
2005 Kyiv State Union of Artist.”New Wayes”.
Lviv Palace of Art. “Painters of Artist Union”.
2006 Kyiv National art museum of Ukraine. Solo exhibition.
2007 Kyiv The Ukrainian house, “Kolomya. Persons”,
The Ukrainian house, “Art Kiev”. “Mironova Gallery”
Moskow “Art Manezh”
2008 Geneva Europ’ART, “Mironova Gallery”
2009 Kyiv National art museum of Ukraine. Solo exhibition.”‘Robbers”
Lviv Lviv Palace of Art. Solo exhibition. ‘Robbers”
Miam Miami International Art Fair, USA
Kyiv National art museum of Ukraine. Exhibition.” New Wave “.
2010 Palm Beach Art Palm Beach, USA
Lviv Solo Exposition in Lviv Art Gallery 2010
Chicago Art Chicago, USA
Kyiv Art-Kyiv ContemporaryVI, Project “Wampire’s Child”
Basel Scope Art Show Basel, Switzerland
2011 Kyiv Composition of Stars in Majdan square.
“Independent” 1991-2011.
Art-Kyiv Contemporary-VI, Project “Praying hands”.
Solo exhibition “Lost Drawing”, Mironova Gallery.
2012 Kyiv Art-Kyiv Contemporary-VII, Project “Flowers for Marylin Monro”.
2013 The Hague ZomerExpo 2013 Aarde, Gemeentemuseum.
Kyiv National art museum of Ukraine. Exhibition.” Racing With Time: The Art of 1960s –
The Beginning of 2000s”
Art-Kyiv Contemporary-VIII, Project “The Kiss”.
Kyiv Forbes – «The Art of Success».
2014 Kyiv Art-Kyiv Contemporary-IX, Project “Aggression of an Insect”.
2015 Kyiv Art-Kyiv Contemporary-X, Project “Love and betrayal”.
2016 New-York ARTEXPO – 2016.
Kyiv Solo exhibition “Love and paintings in the frame”, National art museum “Art Gallery
of Kyiv”. “Національний музей «Київська картинна галерея»
Kyiv “Modern ukrainian surrealism”, Central Artist’s House.
2018 New-York ARTIFACT Gallery.
2019 Kyiv Solo exhibition “Spring Vibes”. Golden Section Gallery.
Lausanne House of Art Gallery. Lausanne Art Fair-2019.
Zwolle ZomerExpo “Europa”. Museum de Fundatie.
2020 Lviv Solo exhibition. Lviv National Art Gallery.
Kyiv Solo exhibition. Kyiv History Museum.

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