“Vernissage 2”, 2008;
Oil on canvas;
80Х70 cm.

About artist:
Born in Ukraine in 1956.
Education: Kyiv State Academy of Arts (1978-1984).
Member of National Artists’ Union of Ukraine since 1990.
Participant of “Our Heritage” festival in New-York (National Arts Club and Metropolitan Museum, 2009)
«Artist of the Year» prizewinner. International Art Festival in Kyiv in 1997.
Prizewinner in the Art Competition dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of the UNO in Ukraine (Kyiv, 1996)
Prizewinner of International Modern Art Show in Nice in 1996.
National Fine Arts Museum of Ukraine. Kyiv/Ukraine
Museum of History of Art in Vienna. Vienna/Austria
Museum of Russian Art in Kyiv. Kyiv/Ukraine
The Ukrainian Museum. New York/USA
Zaporizhki Art Museum. Zaporizhzhya/Ukraine
Brodsky Berdyansk Art Museum. Berdyansk/Ukraine
Khmelnitsky Regional Art Museum. Khmelnitsky/Ukraine
The Sevastopol Art Museum. Sevastopol/Ukraine
Chernihiv Museum of Modern art «Plast-Art». Chernihiv/Ukraine
Local history museum of Melitopol. Melitopol/Ukraine
Russian American Foundation. New York/USA
Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations. New York/USA
Embassy of France. Kyiv/Ukraine
USA Embassy. Kyiv/Ukraine
Brooklyn mayor`s Office. New York/USA
Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. Kyiv/Ukraine
«Inter Art Gallery Reich». Cologne/Germany
«Anixis» Gallery. Baden/Switzerland
«Martinez» Gallery. Cannes/France
«Fanar» Gallery. Lugnorre/Switzerland
Gradobank collection. Kyiv/Ukraine
Ukrsotsbank collection. Kyiv/Ukraine
Ukrainian Interbank Currency Exchange. Kyiv/Ukraine
«Oriflame» company. Kyiv/Ukraine
Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, USA, France, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Holland, Spain, Italy

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