Petro Lebedinets “Composition 6”


Date of the work: 2019;
Oil, canvas;
Dimensions: 110 x 120 cm;

Petro Lebedynets is a Ukrainian painter, abstract artist, well known both in Ukraine and abroad. He was born in 1956 in Melitopol, Zaporizhia region. Having turned 12, he started to attend an art studio for children at the Shevchenko Palace of Culture where his teacher was A. Fesiuk. The first teacher of the to-be professional artist did not seek to teach his students paint still lifes with flowers or plaster busts, but tried to teach them to see the world through color, poetry and music, since he not only painted, but also wrote poetry and even played the balalaika. It was in the art studio, where Lebedynets tried everything – painting, plastic arts, embossing, – that he realized that the main thing in creativity was an individual worldview and handwriting.

He graduated from Kyiv State Art Institute, where he learned from V. Shatalin (1978-1984). Like many others, the artist began his creative career by studying the basics of academic painting. In 1984, he defended a diploma at the Kyiv State Art Institute with a big painting on the then popular military subject. However, he felt an unceasing inner need of change. Lebedynets began to fill his realistic paintings with decorative flowers and symbolic forms. Having grown fairly tired of the academicism implanted in the institute, and having received his diploma, Petro Lebedynets decided not to replicate realistic canvases, and instead began experimenting with color. The search for his own pictorial language lasted for several years. Drawing inspiration from Matisse and Gauguin, the coloristic theories of Johannes Itten and Wassily Kandinsky, Mr. Lebedynets developed his own formula of color. The artist himself does not consider it innovative. Overall it’s not of essence, since for him it is not loud manifestos that matter, but rather inner freedom.

He’s been a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1990.

Winner of numerous awards: certificate of honor of the participant of the Art Festival “Our Heritage” (Metropolitan Museum and National Arts Club, New York); honorary prize “Artist of the Year” at the International Art Festival in Kyiv in 1997, honorary prize of the winner of the creative competition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the UN in Ukraine in 1996, honorary prize of the jury of the international exhibition “Contemporary Art” in Nice in 1996.

Personal exhibitions:

“Illusion”, art space of the Central Department Store, Kyiv

Petro Lebedynets, Zavalnyi Art Center, Kyiv
Petro Lebedynets. Paintings, Tauvers Gallery International, Kyiv

Petro Lebedynets, within the framework of Kyїv Art School project, Kyiv History Museum

Exhibition of paintings by artist Petro Lebedynets, Kalivoshko & Shubina Gallery, Kyiv
Exhibition. Paintings of Petro Lebedynets, NU ART Gallery, Kyiv

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Kroshytskyi Art Museum in Sevastopol. Sevastopol/Ukraine

The National Arts Club. New York/USA
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Inter Art Galerie Reich. Cologne/Germany
Bottega Gallery. Kyiv/Ukraine

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National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Kyiv/Ukraine
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Painting. – Soviart Gallery. Kyiv/Ukraine

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Irena Gallery. Kyiv/Ukraine

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The Sense Collection. Kyiv/Ukraine

Group exhibitions:

UKRAINIAN SPACE, Library Art Center, Chernigov

Female Portrait, House of Artists, Kyiv
Treasures of Ukraine, Zavalnyi Art Center, Kyiv

Ceremonial Portrait, White World, Kyiv

White World. Anthroposphere, White World, Kyiv

Pinacotheca III, RA Gallery, Kyiv

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Art Monaco ’14. Contemporary Art Fair. – Grimaldi Forum. Monaco
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Ukraine. Archetype of Freedom. – Novomatic Forum. Vienna/Austria
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The Conversation. – Art Basel Miami Beach. Miami/USA
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