PETRO BEVZA “Rock theater”


90×70 cm; The specific features of the ambiguous abstraction of Bevza are the combination of several types of work with space: color, light and emotional-intuitive. The first two help to separate objects due to color saturation. The second type tends in part to the naturalistic idea, depicting fragments of nature, but being a representation of socio-political or philosophical phenomena. (Roksana Rublevska)

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Latest personal exibitions: 2019 “To Light”;. National Museum of Taras Shevchenko (Kyiv, Ukraine), catalogue • “Inna’s Light” ; Gallery”;Tryptych”; (Kyiv, Ukraine) 2018 «Petro Bevza. Penetration,» Karas Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine) 2017 • «Petro Bevza. Twirl,» Karas Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine) •  «Petro Bevza. Jordan,» Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum (Lviv Ukraine), catalogue •  «Petro Bevza. Jordan,» National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art (Kyiv, Ukraine), catalogue •  «Rebirth». N2N Gallery (Abu-Dhaby, UAE), catalogue •  «Petro Bevza. Anthology,» Art Cathedra Gallery (Lutsk, Ukraine), catalogue 2016 •  “Petro Bevza. Jordan,” Ukrainian Institute of America (New York, USA), catalogue •  “Petro Bevza. Jordan,” Contemporary Art Center “White World”. (Kyiv, Ukraine), catalogue  “Petro Bevza. Jordan,” Odesa Fine Art Museum. (Odesa, Ukraine), catalogue • «Theodosics». In project «Аll began with clay», Mystetskiy Arsenal, (Kyiv, Ukraine), catalogue • “Ambiguous abstractions,” Karas Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine).  Peter Bevza states: «XX century wanted to transform essence into the sign. Our task – to return to a sign essence». Born in 1963. Graduated from Kyiv State Arts Academy in 1985. Member of the National Artists Union of Ukraine (from 1990). Lives and works in Kiev and Vyshneve. Selective Museums National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine), Taras Shevchenko National Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine), Ukrainian Institute of America (New York, USA), PasquArt Museum of Contemporary Art (Bill-Bienne, Switzerland), National Museum of Ukrainian of Folk Decorative Art (Kyiv, Ukraine), Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv (Lviv, Ukraine), Odessa Fine Art Museum (Odessa, Ukraine), Soviart Museum of Contemporary Art (Kyiv, Ukraine), Zaporizhia Fine Art Museum (Zaporizhia, Ukraine), Korsak’s Museum contemporary Ukrainian art (Lutsk, Ukraine). Merits First degree diploma in the category;Book of Arts; State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting in 2008, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2008 Honor prize Zolotyi Peretyn, title Artist of the Year at 2nd International ART festival. Kyiv, Ukraine, 1997 Honor prize of Salon International D`ART Contemporain. Nice, France, 1996 Honor diploma of the city of Kiev for the best piece of painting art of the year 1994. Kyiv, Ukraine, 1996.


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