“On the Great Sun”, “Metaphysics” series


«На Великом Солнце», серия «Метафизика»,
холст, масло, мастихин, 80*60 см, 2020 г.


“On the Great Sun”, “Metaphysics” series,

Every one of us encounters moments in his life when we get emotionally drained. Why does that happen, how do we restore ourselves? F. Tiutchev answered:

«It’s not the flesh, it’s spirit that is mortified

The soul is in despair, fear and tremble,

It strives for light from darkness of the night,

And once enlightened, it will grunt and rebel.

Dried up and burnt by doubt, lack of faith

It bears the unbearable, for sure,

And realising its inevitable death

It longs for faith but it will not adjure»


This painting is not about religion, it is about the Higher Self. Every one of us has has/her own Higher Self. That is why we are personalities, not robots.

The picture contains a code for harmonization, as well as a mechanism for understanding the causes and consequences of a disharmonious state in a person.

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Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions60 × 2 × 80 cm


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