Olga Petrova “Autumn on Mount Hiey”


2011, oil on canvas, 90×100 cm.

Petrova Olga (b. 10.02.1942) – artist, art historian, Extra Doctor of Phylosophy, the member of UA of Ukraine since 1986, professor of UKMA, IPMA.

Her creative method as painter is expressionism, metaphorism, nonfigurativism.
Her works are kept in the collections of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and the Union of Artists of Ukraine, in Chernivtsy, Chernigiv, and Khmelnytsky art museums, National Museum in Lviv, National Art Museum in Kyiv, in the Georgian Museum of Arts, in the Sitracut gallery in Kalcutta, The Yad-Va-Shem Museum (Israel, Jerusalem), the Library of the British Museum (London), Musa Culture centre (Osaka), in different galleries and private collections in Kyiv, Moskow, Paris, London, Nottingham, Amsterdam, Calcutta, Toronto, Budapest, Osaka, Tokio.

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