Olga Melnykova “A little from a woman’s life”


Olga Melnykova
Creative alias ASP (Art Studio Platon).
2020; acrylic, canvas; 60×60 cm; module of 4 parts.

Painting – an abstraction where each viewer can make their own art puzzle. For some – it’s the seasons that change over time and gravity, and for someone’s eye opens a whirlwind of female emotions in all their variety of colors and vibrant mood. It is a woman, emotionally extremely changeable, intuitively the first to feel the changes in society and in real life sometimes not always able to separate their own emotions from each other. The author offers to reflect on the theme of the diversity of the female soul, the whirlpool of emotions, experiences of the present and to make your own puzzle of worldview.

About artist: Olga Melnykova
An artist, polyglot – fluent in English, Italian and French, a cosmopolitan and mother of her son Plato, after whom her creative studio was named.
Inspired by numerous travels, creative searches, landscapes, galleries of Europe, in particular, the picturesque Saint Paul de Vance in the south of France, Olga decides to write a series of conceptual modular works, which were first presented at the Museum of History of Kiev. Irina Akimova was the curator.
Today, the artist’s works are in private collections in the United States, Norway, Denmark, France, Italy and Monaco. A native of Lviv, she is a participant in numerous international and national art competitions.
In July 2020, the first personal exhibition of the artist took place in Kyiv: Brightlife. Exposure will take place in the gallery Spivakovskaya Art: Ego Culture Center.
Olga takes an active part in creative collaborations and charity projects.

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