Ode on Venice Precious Ring of High-End Class


Lobortas Classic Jewelry House. Materials: silver, gold, diamonds – 112 pcs, 91.07 ct. aquamarine. Artistic description: There is a place, where the waves spread out. It is an inviting and cozy town with elegant bridges over the canals. It calls us to visit its place in the nick of time. Gondolas are floating by with gondoliers singing, the mist is rolling in with silvery haze, ancient statues’ charismatic figures are as if frozen in time… There is multi-headed St. Mark’s Basilica with a chapel square in front of it. Carnivals are held here in February and each pilgrim wears a colorful mask. The Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo rises with its openwork spiral staircase. Here the Rialto Bridge over the canal is built and you can hear the Campanile bells toll. People go to restaurants here in high boots, when the water rises above the land. Dolphins swim in the Grand Canal giving smiles to all the curiosity seekers. And having spread their strong wings, the lions look down majestically at the fabulous old buildings. The water is splashing with the aquamarine. Having been here once you suddenly want to stay, while losing yourself in a fairy tale. From the depths of the soul, you can hear: “Venice, you are with me forever!” THE WORK’S FEATURE: The Ode to Venice ring is made using a combination of various jewelry materials and techniques. Due to the fact that one of the best precious metals combined with aquamarine is silver, its special non-oxidizing grade was used in this work. In addition, in contrast with the 18K gold, as well as decorative techniques of jewelry coatings (red and yellow gilding, black rodding) combined with microarchitecture created images of recognizable popular places in Venice. Natural aquamarine 91.07 ct, exclusive step-cut, placed in a special mirror space and creates the illusion of sea water surrounding and filling the Italy’s water capital. Made in a single copy.

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