Nymphs of Fiesole Lamp Decorative Interior Item


Lobortas Classic Jewelry House. Materials: silver, landscape jasper, diamonds, shell. Nymphs of Fiesole lamp is an exquisite motif. Silver nymphs, honey seashell, unique landscape jasper and diamonds in the eyes of a small bird. The style, in which the work is done, is called Liberty in Italy. Many people know it as Art Nouveau (L’Art Nouveau), “the new art”, the creation and mixing of new techniques and materials. Being a part of the Grand Style of Modern, Art Nouveau is characterized by a special softness, refinement and eroticism. The magnificent shell is decorated with traditional Art Nouveau floral ornaments made in the technique of glyptic. The shade is illuminated from the inside, and it seems that the seashell itself radiates a languid glow. In the outline of the Nymphs of Fiesole lamp, the wavy S-shaped line so characteristic of Art Nouveau is guessed. It descends from the shell to the flowing hair of the beauties and then to the jasper curves. It seems that the hairs of the mysterious nymphs, “the virgin commonwealth”, is endless. By the way, landscape jasper is an amazing stone. Its drawing is never repeated, and therefore always exceptional. And here, out of the dimness of the room and of the romantic aura of Art Nouveau, stand the images and figures of Giovanni Boccaccio, a story of one love… …Tu sai, iddea, come agevolmente …Oh, do you know the willingness of mine i’ mi lascia’ pigliar al tuo figliuolo, To have accepted the Cupid’s arrow il giorno che Diana parimente On the day I saw Diane before myself vidi alla fonte con l’adorno stuolo With the throng of nymphs sitting delle sue ninfe… At the flowing stream… From Ninfale Fiesolano / Nymphs of Fiesole by Giovanni Boccaccio THE WORK’S FEATURE: Handcrafted modern decorative interior item. It is a combination of the European art of shell carving and neomodernism of Lobortas Jewelry Innovations House – small plastic art in silver with the use of unique artistic properties of a natural mineral in the stand. The work is in a single copy. Composition dimensions (width – depth – height): 320 – 240 – 440 mm; The work comes with special shipping case.

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