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Dimension: 50 × 24 inch
Good Condition and nicely rolled in Tube
An Abstract Painting which Depicts the imagery of a Gorgeous Curvaceous Mum Nursing her baby in her warmth lovely Arms, whiles singing lullaby to keep him Calm.
Basically Breastfeeding is a Mothers Gift to herself, her baby & Man. All things being Equal the universe can never survive without breast milk.
The Natural Power of Breastfeeding is one of the Greatest wonders of the world. It’s literally about Real Love,that unexplained genuine chemistry, it’s about caring and celebrating the Joy of nurturing a New Life.
The Color Dark Pink of the mother Depicts the Pains during birth, and challenges mothers face in caring for their children.
The Color Green of baby depicts fertility of mother Earth, a blessing to mankind to reproduce.
Whiles the mothers leg in Pot and Spirals around the leg depicts unstable series and challenges of life.