Natalie Borysenko “Fishes”

2019; silver gelatin print; 100 х 80 cm

Analog photos in the genre of quiet life are offered for consideration, where a woman acts not as an object of the image, but as a subject. That is, women’s worldview, worldview is transmitted through photographs. Five works tell stories about age, aging (After florescence), relationships with Others / Others (Game Chess), the household dimension of female life (Borsch continued) and intergenerational communication (Fishes).

About artist: Natalie Borysenko
Natalie Borysenko (b. 1975) is a certified historian, engaged in research (gender issues) and teaching. One of the founders, together with Marakhov Konstantin Analogue Photo Workshop Nakomabo (Ukraine, Dnipro). Evolved from digital photos with analog filters to purely film photography. The choice of film photography is considered a way to return photography to its value as a work of art. Shooting in narrow, medium, wide formats and pinhole, full cycle from development to printing. For several years, the activity has focused on a new reading of the genre, still life. Purpose: to reveal multiple connotations of things and tell stories with their help.

– “Living image 2018” . Parallel Voices Philadelphia, USA 2019;
– Photometria International Photography Festival. Ioannina , Greece 2019;
– The exhibition “Metamodern: search for perfection” . Kyiv, Ukraine 2019;
– LoosenArt. Still Life. Alternative Exposures. Rome, Italy 2020;
– Pavlovka pinhole fest: Love in the time of cholera. Kyiv, Ukraine 2020
– END OF YEAR EXHIBITION 2020 The Glasgow Gallery of Photography. 140 sauchiehall street G2 3HD Glasgow, UK 2020
– BLACK EDITION The Glasgow Gallery of Photography. 140 sauchiehall street G2 3HD Glasgow, UK. 2021 April.

– In-Art. information-analytical portal.- Galina Brailovskaya. Interview with the curator of the photo exhibition “metamodern. Search for perfection “- Andriy Kotlyarchuk. 02/08 2019
– LoosenArt. Catalog 2019
– Analogowo 1. Album – Warszawa 2020.

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