Mykhailo Pokutnii “Calm”

2019; mixed media; canvas, acrylic; 35 x 50 cm

The girl sitting by the window warming in the sun. Her body dissolves in space and is restrained only by tissue and hair, which by its contrast embraces the shape of the body and prevents it from merging with the environment.
I have always admired how a girl can enjoy herself, her body, the fluidity of the situation, dissolving in it, and not noticing the environment.

About artist: Mykhailo Pokutnii
Mykhailo Pokutnii is a Ukrainian artist who works in various styles of graphic and calligraphic painting.
The author’s works consist of a series of paintings that tell stories. The artist works on the development of lines, basic shapes, and creates figurative from a limited number of details and colors. This allows the viewer to look at the problem or the author’s observation and quickly recognize and think about what he or she often does not notice or ignore. In addition, through changes in standard forms, the artist shows the fluidity of the human body or objects, their interaction with the environment.
Recently, the artist is expressed in drawings to study the reaction of the viewer, controversial, provocative plots, a kind of dialogue with thoughts and life experiences.
Most of the artist works with acrylic, watercolor, markers, and often uses modified and non-standard materials such as reflective and light-accumulating pigments, phosphor, color-changing powders, plastic balls, stone crumbs, threads and more.
The artist’s works are widely spread in private collections in Ukraine and around the world.