Mila Didenko “Holy trinity”


2020; figurative painting; oil on canvas; 90 х 110 см; 35,4 х 43,3 in.
“Gravity”: Not easy year 2020 gave me a special push for writing this series of works. And the emotional apogee was the news that my dad passed away to heaven. The covid has brought so many trials or losses in people’s lives and that’s so important not to loose joy and zest for life!
And as the “Holy trinity” we win through every peak of our life. After all, trials can not be higher than our strength and covid can not be stronger than humanity.
About artist: Mila Didenko
“I am an artist from Ukraine. Was raised in a quite creative family, that’s why started to draw in my early childhood which I spent in Damascus, Syria. Hot climate and bright skies influenced on my perception of the world as the place of light and warmth.
Upon my return to the Soviet Union, I started to study at the children’s school of art in Poltava city. Despite my education of a financial and career at the distribution company, painting has always been very important part of my life.
Orders from time to times from my friends and colleagues as well as regular practice allowed to define the style and direction in creativity. My most favorites are figurative painting, modern portrait and landscape. Everything that allows to reflect joy and love for the life”.

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