MARKUS NIEDEN “Kyiv Panorama”


Date of the work: 2017; Weight: 10 kg; 110 × 8 × 100 cm; Oil on canvas with massive wooden silver frame;
Description: Winter Panorama of Kyiv, seen from Boghdana Khmelnitzkogo Boulevard. Oil On Canvas with massive Central Church Saint Vladimir in the background.

About artist: Markus Nieden

Born in Kehl, Germany. Studied at Fine Arts Academy of Karlsruhe.
Visual and Plastic Arts Prize of the Academy of Karlsruhe. Additional Studies in Theater Pedagogics, Diploma 2005.
Artworks represented in private collections in the US, France, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, and Statal Collections:
Städtische Galerie, ZKM, Karlsruhe,
Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe,
L-Bank Stuttgart.
Selected Exhibitions:
2015 ‘Hotel Stories’. Galerie Seilerei Provencale, Karlsruhe
2012 ‘Art Export’. Odessa-Schlachthof-Kulturgelande, Karlsruhe
2008 ‘City Lights-Jazz Nights’. Hotel Voxs, Kehl-Strassbourg
2015 “”Hotel Stories”” Solo Expo Alte Seilerei, Karlsruhe
2017 “”My Ukrainian Diary”” Solo Expo at Tryptich Global Arts Gallery, Kyiv
Supported by Deutsche Botschaft Kyiv,Ukraine.
Selected international cultural projects:
2006 ‘HOTEL MODEST- A POET’S CABARET’, DeutschTschechisches Theaterprojekt in Zusammenarbeit mit
CESTA, TABOR, CZ, gefordert durch deutsch-tschechischen
Zukunftsfonds, PRAG, Czech Republic- Acting,Scenario, Directing
2013 BLACK SEA BLUES’ Jazz& Poetry between East and
West- Scenic Reading workshop -in cooperation with Kohi e.v.
Kulturraum Karlsruhe, Project-Director, Scenario, Author.
2015 ‘ARTS AS EXPRESSION OF DIVERSITY’ Polish-Ukrainian-German Documentary FILM project, conducted by Willy Rolle’, Filmmaker and Markus Nieden, in cooperation with Filmboard-
Karlsruhe e.v., ProEnglish Theater Kiev, and Dom Edyty Stein, Wroclaw. Funded by “”DPJW””-Potsdam and Karlsruhe, City, Cultural Dept.
2016 “”Hotel Stories”” (Budapest, Hu, Odessa, Ua and Karlsruhe, D2016 / 17 ****2018/19 “”Art from suitcases – On the trail of persecuted artists””, Krakow, Pl, 2019
***** Funded by Deutsch-Französisch Institut, Ludwigsburg and Karlsruhe city Cult dpt.
2020 “”Hotel Exil””-Theatercollage “”Kultursommer 2020″” funded by Badenwurttemberg, Kultusministerium.”

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