Lot93 VOLODYMYR MYKYTA “Warm Winter”

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canvas on cardboard, tempera, oil;
50 x 70 cm;
Signature and date at the bottom right;
The work is framed.

VOLODYMYR MYKYTA (born in 1931) – a painter, People’s Artist of Ukraine (1991), Corresponding Member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine (1997), Full Member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine (2004), laureate of the National Prize of Ukraine named after T. Shevchenko (2005), laureate of the Regional Prize named after Y. Bokshai and A. Erdeli (1995, 2005 and 2010), member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (1962). He is decorated with the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of the IV-V grades (2006, 2011). Jury member of the Open Student Contest In Painting “Silver Easel” (2016 (spring), 2017 (autumn).
Volodymyr Mykyta, with his talent and work, created his own painting space, his recognizable constructive manner of interpretation of the Carpathian world.
Volodymyr Mykyta painted always and everywhere, so his entry into Uzhhorod Art School was quite natural. Nearby studied those, who are eventually referred to the third generation of Transcarpathian School of Painting. In his youth the artist developed the rules of life in creativity – he developed the laws of self-discipline, practical system of maintaining his body, and everything else was added due to innate diligence. About his attitude to creativity he said: “I draw for a long time. That’s why every work has a strong energy.”
In his first works, executed in a sound, realistic manner, there is a confident dab that builds the form, – a harbinger of future constructiveness. Since the beginning – profound interest in a person, aspiration to transfer unity of physical and psychological, all components of the portrait genre. The feeling of well-found equilibrium of form, plasticity, colour scheme dominates. At one time, the events were the portraits of outstanding Transcarpathian people – largely bold and new in those conditions. One of the peaks of his portrait activity – work “My Mother” (1967).
Mykyta made famous folklore and epic series of works, in which are deployed almost all manifestations of folk life. He created a generalized monumental landscape – another reading of the nature of Transcarpathia. Extremely important for Mykyta a hut subject – house, the individual centre of the world, and a subject of wooden church which symbolizes the Carpathians (“Folk gothic style”, 1968). In all periods of creativity there were also still lifes. The end of the 1980th is time of modern experiments: by his works, the artist protests against destruction of wildlife in favour of technocratic fantasies. However, the artist was always more concerned with the people’s life.
The academician of National Academy of Arts of Ukraine Volodymyr Mykyta received all high honorary titles, and in 2005 he became the laureate of the highest prize of Ukraine – T. Shevchenko Prize. His works are at the numerous museums in Ukraine and abroad, and at home Mykyta created the first private museum of his works. He treats it with special trepidation: “In my life, I have never asked for anything from anyone. For me, it is easy to disappear into the earth. I created museum by myself. I do not know of such lifetime museums being somewhere, except of Picasso and Dali.”
Volodymyr Mykyta continues to work, attends all the exhibitions, where he always thoughtful and with interest estimates the work of his colleagues.

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