Lot81 Serhii Fadieiev “This world is beautiful”

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2021; oil on canvas; 80 x 120 см


“The picture is written based on the film of the outstanding French film director Robert Enrico “The Old Gun”. This movie is a real masterpiece. The film is anti-war. That one man was able to resist Hitler’s gigantic war machine. Tragedy and victory. A simple man, a doctor, found an old gun and won. One. Smog. And we can too! The main roles were played by the amazing Romy Schneider and Philippe Noiret. Well, I, as a grateful person, just tried to pay tribute to this great movie. Coincidentally, I painted a picture right before another inhuman war. Only the place of the Germans this time was taken by the Russians. Like this.” S. Fadieiev

About artist: Serhii Fadieiev

“My name is Serhii Fadieiev. I am a painter. I live in Ukraine in the city of Dnipro. My paintings about love for life, for people, for the world around. They are very warm and life-affirming. I have my own special handwriting. My paintings are unique. I am a participant in international exhibitions. My works are in museums, as well as in private collections in the United States, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, and others. The image of a woman is very close to me. I love them. They always worried me. So mysterious, so different. So beautiful. And I am glad to present you 5 of my paintings, where I portrayed girls with great love.”

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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