Lot7 Nikolay Sologubov “Portrait”

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60Х40 cm;
Oil on canvas.

About artist:
“My name is Nikolay Sologubov. I live and work in Kiev. My father is a famous Ukrainian artist. My older brother is a famous Ukrainian artist. My uncle and grandfather are artists too. So, could I be someone else but artist? Of course I could! I could be a writer like my second grandfather. I could be a doctor. I could be a scientist, an astronaut, a politician. I could be anyone! But I have always wanted to be an artist, since being a child, from the moment when I began to comprehend myself. I studied a lot. The very first lessons gave me my father and his friends-artists. I graduated from Shevchenko Republican School of Art as a sculptor. I learned from my brother. I learned from other masters, who I was lucky to meet in my life. And now, yes, I study, because one of the virtues of a true Master is being open to the new.” Nikolay Sologubov

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