Lot55 Levitska maria costume design to “May night”


Levitska Maria Costume Design To “May Night” Directed by Eugene Stankovich in 1989; paper, gouache; 36 x 48 cm.


MARIA LEVITSKA is a theatrical production designer and costume designer. Since 1989 Maria Levitska has been working as the Art Director General of the National Opera of Ukraine. She is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine, a corresponding member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, a holder of the title of People’s Artist of Ukraine, a laureate of the Shevchenko National Prize (2003), theatre arts prize “Kyivska Pektoral” and “The Person of the Year – 2000” prize, a bearer of the Order of Princess Olga of a 3rd Class. She was awarded the highest state award of the Italian Republic, which can be awarded to foreign citizens – the Order of the Star of Italy (2016).

She was born in Kyiv, graduated from the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, the department of painting, scenography section, workshop of professor Danylo Lieder. Her start up position was as an artist-producer and costumes designer with Dovzhenko Film Studio. Since 1989

M.Levitska has been working as the Director of Scenography with the National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Ukraine.

She has created stage scenery and costumes for more than 160 operas, ballets and drama performances in Ukraine, Japan, Canada, Slovenia, Poland and Russia.

She designed sets and costumes for the operas and ballets staged at the National Opera of Ukraine.

Maria Levitska favours the genres of easel painting, graphics and the technique of batik.


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