Lot53 Oksana Svizhak “In tall grasses.”

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Oil on canvas, 100×100 cm., 2015. The work is not framed.

About artist: Exhibition activity started in 2007. A participant in many international Ukrainian exhibitions and projects. Among them:
2007 – All-Ukrainian artistic exhibition «Picturesque Ukraine».
2008 – Personal exhibit. Ukraine, Kyiv.
2009 – Exhibition. Gallery «Kolo-Zaspa». Ukraine.
2009 – Personal exhibit «Сhumak way». Ukraine, Odessa.
2009 – All-Ukrainian exhibition «On the Occasion of the 200-year-old of the Birth of N. Gogol». Ukraine, Poltava.
2009 – Personal exhibit. Ukraine, Kovel.
2010 – Exhibition. «Female image». Ukraine, Kyiv.
2010 – All-Ukrainian triennale «Painting-2010». Ukraine, Kyiv.
2010 – Exhibition of modern portrait «Historical Figures of Future».
2011 – Exhibition «Days of Slavic Culture». Germany, Berlin.
2011 – Exhibition «Ukrainian artist». England, London.
2012 – Exhibition «Vertical». Ukraine, Kyiv.
2013 – Triennale of the painting. National Union of Painters of Ukraine, Ukraine, Kyiv.
2014 – Exhibition “Kyiv School of Painting”. Poland.
2014 – Exhibition “Night, Dnipro, Rzhyschiv”. Ukraine, Rzhyschiv.
2015 – Exhibition ” Land. Two hundred years between heaven and earth “. National Museum of Literature of Ukraine, Ukraine, Kyiv
2015 – Personal exhibit «Time and space». Ukraine, Kyiv.
2016 – Exhibition «Ukraine Exists». UN headquarters, USA, New York.
2016 – Exhibition «Ukraine Exists». USA, Chicago.
2016 – Exhibition «Ukraine Exists». Canada, Toronto.
2016 – Exhibition «Green colour». Poland, Ostroda.
2017 – Exhibition «Ukrainian impressionism». Ukrainian Cultural Center, France, Paris.
2018 – Exhibition «The only source of creativity». The Taras Shevchenko Art Museum, China, Beijing.
2018 – Personal exhibit «Moments». Gallery «Maysternya», Ukraine, Kyiv.
2019 – Personal exhibit «Fine arts Oksana Svizhak». Art Hall, Institute of International Relations, Ukraine, Kyiv.
2019 – Exhibition «Modern Ukrainian Impressionism». National Union of Painters of Ukraine. Ukraine, Kyiv.
2019 – «First all-ukrainian biennial of leukas». Ukrainian Contemporary Art Center «White World», Ukraine, Kyiv.
2019 – Exhibition «Spring Kyiv». Art centre “Chocolate House”, National Museum «Kyiv Art Gallery». Ukraine, Kyiv.
2019 – «Leucas miniatures & MoonWater». Ukrainian Contemporary Art Center «White World», Ukraine, Kyiv.
2019 – «Shiluva Art Biennale». Lithuania, Siluva.
2020 – Exhibition «Observation». Ukrainian Contemporary Art Center «White World», Ukraine, Kyiv.

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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