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Oil on canvas, 100 H x 100 W cm. My paintings are abstracted translations of feelings and experiences: colors and spatiality, materiality or immateriality, nature or emptiness. I am constantly simplifying and reducing elements of the landscape, making them as much flatter, more schematic and conceptual.

This semi-abstract landscape expresses the look of a colorful landscape by the first rays of the sun. The reflections of the sun make the landscape majestic.


About artist:

Marian LUNIV — painter, graphic artist, and designer. Graduated from the Painting and Graphic Art Department of the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University.

At present he works actively in painting, with his canvases having been presented at over ten personal and lot ofcollective exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad. In addition to his artistic endeavors, Marian Luniv is the author, co-author and one of the most active participants of socially significant art projects in Ukraine, Europe and the USA.

His works can be found in galleries and private collections in Ukraine, the USA, Canada, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Italy and Vatican.

My tales in painting – stories of the Human and the World:

On the relations between the citizen and the state – exhibitions “Veracious Evidence: from the Revolution of Dignity to the Present Day”, “Visages of Freedom(Ukraine); “The Revolution of Dignity: Images of Ukraine’s Maidan 2013-2014” (the USA, the Netherlands), “Beyond the Barricade” (Great Britain);

  • On the Human and Nature — projects /”The environment of existence. Manifesto 2020″, «ONE DAY AFTER…»; exhibitions  «Under the High Skies» (Ukraine), «Reflections» (Greece);
  • On the Human and Town – exhibitions “The Artist and Town”, “Town and Music, Life is Jazz (Ukraine);
  • A look at oneself — «Self-portrait with a Bouquet», within the framework of the Bouquet Kyiv Stage Festival.

The painting series “Arkan Dance. The Unity” has acquired really great significance. It represents the contemplations on preserving the unity and mutual support, on the responsibility for oneself and one’s near and dear. This is a story of mutual respect and mutual trust which is important not only in interpersonal relations, but also on the level of communities, nations and states.

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