Lot21 Valerii Tkachenko “Horse racing on ice lake St. Moritz”

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2014; Size 60×80 cm. Original photo print under acrylic glass-mounted on aluminium Dibond base. Edition 2/11 + 3AP. Limited Edition 3 / 11;


The Wonderful World as a Single Moment! Every moment of our lives is beautiful and unique in its own way. Still, in this crazy and nonstop kaleidoscope of life, events sometimes alternate so quickly, that we do not manage to fully enjoy the magic of the moment. Time relentlessly slips away and only a professional photographer can capture the genuine and oversubtle magic, which sometimes lasts just a moment, with the help of his camera. It is well known that photographs, as well as paintings, have a significant impact on the person`s perception of the surrounding world. Serene and colourful pictures will make your life more relaxed, help you think positively and calmly. Add magic to your life with the help of wonderful pictorial photographs! The moment, captured by the photographer Valerii Tkachenko, is really great! Such photos, printed on large canvases with the help of special high-precision equipment, will harmoniously complement the interior design of your office or home. They will serve as the original elements of the interior of any room! The colour photographs, characterised by the bright colours, will create a wonderful atmosphere. You can use almost any frames for Valerii Tkachenko`s photographs; they will look nice in any case; you can also change frames afterwards in order to add subtle accents. A gorgeous autumn landscape will convey the sensuality of this magical season, and, speaking about the winter motive, depicted in the other photograph, it will invoke not one positive emotion, but a wide range of them! The deep colours, stunning details, lights and darks of the black-and-white fine art print won`t leave any romantic indifferent! This photograph, which is calm and full of energy at the same time, will help you unwind after the work day; you can also use it as the object of visualisation in order to relax in a quick way and calm down. This is not just the object of fine art photography, but the life, captured as a moment! These pictorial photographs, like the paintings of great artists, have the implications; it will be interesting for you to explore them – each time in a new way. And, if you love creative and original things, having purchased these pictorial photographs, you will be able to create the exciting display, which will transform your home completely! Add magic to your life with the help of the remarkable pictorial photographs of the professional Ukrainian photographer Valerii Tkachenko. He is the member American Photographic Artists APA New York and the member of The RPS Royal photographic society in London. His photos were exhibited on London photography show, Vienna art show, gallery 360 in Florence and Agora gallery in New York.

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