Lot17 Dmitry Nagurny “Autumn is coming soon”

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Date of the work: 2007; Oil/canvas; 100х80 cm;

Nagurny Dmitry Vasilievich
Born August 22, 1946 in Moscow.
Monumental art. Graphic arts. Easel painting.
Higher education. Kiev Art Institute.
Biographical data: 1965 – entered the Polygraphic Institute, where he studied for 4 years, at the faculty book graphics. 1969- Kiev Art Institute here. The faculty is picturesque, from where 2 years later it transferred to the faculty of monumental painting in the workshop of academician Tatyana Yablonskaya. 1975 – graduated from college and began to work in the Kiev factory of monumental and decorative art.
2002 – Honored Artist of Ukraine.

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