Lot102 Valery Shkarupa “Water”

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Oil / canvas;
On the subframe;
55 * 40 cm.

About artist:
Valery Shkarupa born in Sumy 1950.
He works in branches of painting, drawing, ceramics.
Studied at the Moscow restauration institute (VNDIR).

Works as an artist since 1973.

His Works Are Kept In Sumy Art Museum, Kaliningrad Art Gallery, Shevchenko National Memorial (Kaniv), Center of Modern Arts “Soviart”, Museum for Images ( Zurich/Switzerland), State Museum Shloss Burgk (Germany). In private collections of Armenia, Italy, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, France, Canada.

Valery Shkarupa concerns to a category of original painters which sight is the thinking, that reject surface vanity and flickering of emotions. In his creativity the primary sensation of a life, its mystical sound, participation in secret of the ground generated it is reflected, more truly, that ancient civilization, existing on it in former times.
Abstractness of his works harbors a seal of first-born stimulus of creativity. It manages to find out and transfer in a graphic number deep layers of consciousness, to transform to signs without derivatives pure similarity wonderful, given birth directly from nonexistence.

Since 2004 he participate in exhibitions in Ukraine and ither countries. His paintings

exhibited in galleries all over Ukraine and abroad.

2004 – Personal exhibition. Gallery “Tryptych”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Personal exhibition. “Apartment “Babooin””. “Tryptych” Gallery’s project .
2003 – Personal exhibition. Gallery “Tryptych”, Kyiv, Ukraine.
The first open-air of gallery “Tryptych”, the catalogue.
2002 – The international symposium Land-Art “Ice age”. Mogrytsa.
“Ice age”. Center of modern arts “Soviart”. Kyiv, the catalogue.
2001 – The photoproject “Tracks”. Gallery “Maisternya”. Kyiv.
??? Biennial of the Ukrainian painting. Central exhibition hall of the National union of artists of Ukraine. Kiev, the catalogue
2000 – International ART festival. Kyiv-2000.
Ukrainian-Japan exhibition of modern arts. Kyiv.
1999 – Personal exhibition, Sumy
Center of modern arts “Soviart”
Personal exhibition, Kyiv, gallery Tryptych
Personal exhibition of V.Shkarupa. Gallery “Tca’sio” Kyiv.
International ART festival. Kyiv-99.
1998 – International ART festival. Kyiv-98.
I Biennale of nonfigurative arts. Kyiv
Personal exhibition of V.Shkarupa. Gallery Tacsio” Kyiv.
1997 – Raku-ceramics-96. Kharkiv.gallery “Vernissage”.
Personal exhibition of V.Shkarupa. Donetsk
International ART festival. Kyiv-97.
“Two-unity” Art-project. Shevchenko national memorial. Kaniv.
“Red and Black” Exhibition in the gallery “Tryptvch”.
1996 – Raku-ceramics-95. Kharkiv (gallery “Solo”).
International ART festival. Kyiv-96
“Two-unity” Art museum. Sumy. July-96
“Raku-ceramics-96″. Okhtyrka
Territory-Text”. Exhibition-Action. Gallery “Slavurych” Kyiv-96.
1995 – Modern Ukrainian Drawing. Kaliningrad (Russia;. Gdansk (Poland).
“Raku-ceramics-95. Okhtyrka. Sumy. Kyiv.
Personal exhibition of V.Shkarupa. Kyiv. (Gallery “Tryptych”).
1994 – Ukrainian-American exhibition of modern arts. Kyiv.
I Kyiv art market.
“Raku-ceramics-94” Okhtyrka. Sumy. Kyiv.
“ART-94″ Padua (Italy)
1993 – Market of Kyiv galleries.
Personal exhibition of V.Shkarupa. Kyiv. (gallery “Tryptych”)
1992 – “Geometry of spirit”. Sumy. Kyiv
“From playstocenus to holocenus” Moscow (Paleontology)
1991 – International exhibition of small art forms. Toronto (Canada)
Exhibition of modern Ukrainian art “New names”. Vienna (Austria)
Exhibition modern Ukrainian art Budapest (Hungary).
“Unity”. Kyiv.
1990 – Exhibitions of the group “ART’S”. Sumy; Kyiv (Michael Refectory);
Lublin (Poland)”Sedniv-90″. Kyiv.
Oil / canvas
On the subframe
55 * 40 cm

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