Lot56 Anzhelika Gonchar “420 – 490nm”

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2021. 24,5×15,5×9 cm. Epoxy resi

Spectral blue is perceived by a person under the influence of electromagnetic radiation with long waves in the range of 420-490 nm. This work is about the color blue . It has always been my favorite. There is something mystical and inexplicable in it. It is not for nothing that in many cultures it symbolizes heaven and eternity. In Christianity, it is a symbol of the divinity of heaven and truth. This is infinity, space, wisdom, tranquility and depth. It creates a prerequisite for deep reflection on life, calls for finding meaning, truth. But it does not give an answer in understanding the meaning of life, it drives into melancholy, weakness. It evokes not sensual, but spiritual impressions. I associate blue color with children and childhood in general, since small children are pure in their thoughts, they understand this world better until it leaves its mark on them. 24,5×15,5×9 cm 2021 24,5×15,5×9 cm, epoxy resi

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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