Mykola Shymchuk “Inspiration”


Oil/canvas; 90 x 70 cm; Date of the work: 2016

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Mykola Shymchuk – Born on January 9th, 1949 in the village of Kopytkovo, Zdolbuniv district, Rivne region in Ukraine. Painter, monumentalist.


During 1968-1973 studies at Lviv Academy of Arts. His teachers were R. Selsky, I. Skobalo, V. Ovsijchyk. Professor, Chair of Monumental and Decorative Painting department, Lviv Academy of Arts. In 1998 Mykola Shymchuk was honored a title of People’s Artist of Ukraine.


Participated in the number of personal and collective exhibitions in Ukraine, France, USA, Canada, Belgium, England, Germany, Norway, Poland and Bulgaria. His works are in many private collections in Ukraine and abroad.


Currently lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine with his wife Stasya, two sons and grandchildren.                                                                                                                                                                                          About Mykola Shymchuk: The philosopher – deep, thoughtful, extraordinary.


Artist who paints soul. He has such a talent – to see, feel and put them on paper. And this is done via so delicate storyline and colorful performance that makes you watch and continue to ask yourself – what I have not yet understood, did not see? You have to return later, the next day, so that those nuances, answers and questions captured by Mykola partly reveal themselves again.


The art of Mykola is in the first instance very intelligent. It forces to a dialogue with yourself – and here it depends on us how honest we want to be  with ourselves …


And one more thing – in his paintings there are Volyn and Lviv, Lviv and Volyn – to different worlds which formed Mykola as an artist and as a person. About Lviv and about Volyn you can write (and paint) forever. In his work you first of all feel them – through a color, objects, perspective. And no matter how the Lviv and Volyn changed, no matter hom people seem to be, in Mykola’s paintings forever remains captured their very essence …


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