LOT #58 Nikolai Kozlovsky “Dance of African women. Sierra Leone”

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“Dance of African women. Sierra Leone”; Photo by Nikolai Fedorovich Kozlovsky, 1959;
Photo printing paper, 1968;
Dimensions: 230×240 mm; Gelatin Silver Print;
Description on the back by Nikolai Fedorovich Kozlovsky;
About artist:
Nikolai Fedorovich Kozlovsky (1921 – 1996) was a Ukrainian Soviet photographer.
Nikolai Fedorovich Kozlovsky was born May 8, 1921 in Sumy, now in the Ukraine.
Nikolai Fedorovich received his first camera in a rather unusual way. As a teenager, he was brought up in the children’s “commune Makarenko” (ran away from home in a “hungry 1932”). There he organized an aircraft modeling club. During several years he designed a model of a seaplane with a gasoline engine. 11 of Nov 1938 this model was launched and set 2 world records at once. The record lasted 10 years. N. Kozlovsky received a prize for a Ford car and a FED camera with a set of optics.
From 1939-1945 served in the Soviet army. He fought in the war. He was a pilot.
Magazine photographer:
After the war, he began working as a photojournalist for the Sovinformburo (Soviet Information Bureau). In 1948 he joined to the “Ogonyok” magazine in Ukraine as a special photojournalist, having worked in the magazine for almost forty years. Many of his photographs are in an heroic socialist realist style.He made portraits of many prominent figures: M. Sholokhov, N. Khrushchev, F. Castro, P. Tichina, A. Buchma, M. Krushelnitsky, N. Uzhviy, E. Ponomarenko, Y. Shumsky, N. Romanov, M. Litvinenko-Volgemut, P. Angelina, I. Patorzhinsky, M. Rilskiy, G.Yura, Z. Gaidai, N. Grishko, E. Miroshnichenko, V. Kovtun, D. Shostakovich, V. Borzov, A. Sofronov, E. Paton, B. Paton, O. Antonova.
He was a very productive photographer who traveled almost all over the world taking photographs that are now valuable historical images.
International recognition:In 1955 Edward Steichen selected Kozlovsky’s picture of traditional dancers, discovered by assistant Wayne Miller at the Sovfoto agency, for the “Ring a Ring o’ Roses” section of the world touring Museum of Modern Art exhibition The Family of Man, seen by 9 million visitors, and its catalogue, which is still in print. Kozlovsky’s photography also featured in a 1984 edition of the magazine Soviet Life distributed in the United States.
Kozlovsky’s many illustrated books were widely distributed and his prodigious output was recognised in 1986 when he was winner of the Shevchenko Prize for his book “Kiev”.
The photographer features in Anatolii – Sofronov’s novel Meetings with Sholokhov.
He died on August 15, 1996 in his beloved Kiev.
Among his creative works are more than 30 photography books, including:
1956 “Peyzazhi Zakarpat’ya” (“Landscapes of Transcarpathia”)
1959 “Po Zakarpat’yu” (“In Transcarpathia”)
1960 “Snova tsvetut kashtany” (“The chestnuts are again in bloom”) with Dmitri Baltermants and Oles Honchar
1961 “V bratskoy Bolgarii” (“In fraternal Bulgaria”)
1962 “V ob’yektive Yaponiya” (“Japan in the Lens”) circulation 12000.
1962 “Cherez 15 morey i 2 okeana” (“Through 15 Seas and 2 Oceans”) circulation 20000.
1968 “Desna – krasunya” (“Desna the Beautiful”) Nikolay Kozlovskiy (photography), Oleg Shmelev (text)
1969 “Tam gde rozhdayetsya utro” (“Where the Morning Is Born”) with Henry Gurkov. Moscow: Pravda
1967 “Karpaty zovut” (“The Carpathians call.”) Kiev: Mystetstvo
1967 “Kiyev i kiyevlyane” (“Kiev and the Kievites”) Kiev: Mystetstvo
1969 “U nas na Kamchatke” (“Our Kamchatka”) Soviet Russia.
1973 “V ob’yektive zhizn'” (“Life in the Lens”) Kiev: Mystetstvo
1976 “Kieve miy” (“My Kiev”) Kiev: Mystetstvo. Circulation: 40000
1979 “Kiyev i kiyevlyane” (“Kiev and the people of Kiev”) Kiev: Mystetstvo
1981 “Vysokiye paralleli” (“Sublime parallel”) N.Kozlovskiy, L.Ustinov, V.Chin-Mo Tsaya. Circulation 15000
1982 “Balet” (“Ballet”) Kiev: Mystetstvo
1982 “Fotografii” (“Photographs”) Moscow: The Planet, 1982. 28×26 cm. – 20,000 copies
1984 “Patonovtsy” On the 50th anniversary of the Institute of Electric Welding. Patona. Kiev: Science. 5000 copies
1985 “Po Dnepru. (“On the Dnieper”) Kiev: Mystetstvo
1986 “Kyive miy” (“This is Kiev”) Kiev: Mystetstvo
1987 “Kyiv” (“Kiev”) Kiev: “Mystetstvo”, 1987. Circulation 25000 copies. Printed in Yugoslavia, Belgrade
1987 “Patonovtsy” 2nd ed., Revised. and expanded. – Kiev: Science, 6700 copies
1993 “Kiyev” (“Kiev”). 2nd ed. Kiev: Mystetstvo.
Awards and Prizes:
Honoured Cultural Worker USSR;
The State Prize named for TG Shevchenko (1986) for the photo album “My Kiev”;
Order of the Badge of Honour;
Y. A. Galan Prize.

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