LOT #56 POZNANSKYI SERGHII “Secret knowledge”

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Date of the work: 2018;
Size 30×40 cm;
The term “Ambrotype” comes from two Greek words: “immortal” + “impression”. And this is because Ambrotype is practically never aging. Photos made using this method are taken directly on a glass plate, processed with special reagents a few minutes before the time of shooting. These photographs, so, exist in one copy only. This way of creating photos was invented back in 1854, but the interest to it exists and now among professional photographers, despite its incredible complexity comparing even with traditional film photography.
25 November 1972, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Education background:
1980-1988 – secondary school, city Kiev
1988-1993 – the Kiev technical school of radio electronics
1994-1999 – the Drama Institute named after Karpenko-Kary, faculty – cameraman skills, acquired specialty of a cameraman.
Sept 2002 – presentation of works at the exhibition of erotic photos, gallery N, Kiev.
April 2003 – participation in photobielle project.
April 2009 – personal show: Cheese-Art in the Fund for promotion of art development under patronage of PRESIDENT trade mark, Kiev.
Aug 2009 – personal show: Kiev inside in the Ukrainian House.
Sept 2009 – personal show in the Physical Culture gallery, 9 photos.
Nov 2013 – participation in BLOW-UP exhibition, tea club, Kiev.
Oct 2018 – participation “Photo Kyiv” annual international photography art fair
July 2019 – participation “Metamodern. Quest for excellence”. Art project
Sept 2019 – participation “Photo Kyiv” annual international photography art fair. Gallery Lavra.

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Auction Expired because there were no bids
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