ALLAN BANFORD “Jupiter Flat”


Retrospective Retro- means back, -spect- means look (think: spectacles), so the word means literally ‘a looking back. Allan Banford’s retrospective series showcases the fine art foundations of his body of work. Allan Banford creates abstract paintings and installations. His art follows the concept of not maintaining a unique style developing a constant creative evolution. dentifying the boundaries between consciousness and reality his paintings capture movements,emotions, characters and, figures revealing an inseparable relationship between dimension and space. The abstract conceptualization and blended media of Allan Banford art have been portrayed as “Intriguing yet luxury elevating “. He works with a wide variety of mediums, creating art series under the conviction that they are manifestations of many skilled specialists but the assorted accumulations anyway are the endeavors of only one. Allan Banford artworks respond directly to the surrounding environment of everyday experiences and visual representations. Often these framed instances go unnoticed at glance but they come alive by his laceration technique. His paintings de construct the subject to the extent that the meaning is shape-shifted, creating an abstract interpretation, challenging perception and perspective, completed by his rules and omissions, acceptance and refusals.

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