Kostyantyn Militynskyy “Image”

2020; collage; 75 x 65 cm

The collage presents a visual dialogue about how, in art from antiquity to modern times, artists have reproduced the image of a woman in their creations. Fragments used: S. Botticelli. The Birth of Venus, Andy Warhol Turquoise Marilyn Monroe, S. Eisenstein The Battleship Potemkin, the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God.

About artist: Kostyantyn Militynskyy
1966; Kyiv
Was born in Novy Rozdol. I live and work in Kyiv. He graduated from NAOMA, Faculty of Monumental Painting. During and after graduating from the academy he took an active part in group and solo exhibitions. Then he worked as a designer, art director in advertising agencies. Participant of numerous exhibitions, residences, festivals: group, zonal, international, personal. I work in different genres. In addition to painting and graphics, I experiment in the field of computers, visual media (3D rendering and digital images: animation, digital sculpture, digital video, new media. Works are stored: Museum of the History of Kiev, private collections.

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