Konstantin Kalinovych “The end of a sensitive journey”


18 * 18 cm;
The work is framed in mat and frame.

Konstantin Kalinovych
According to Siberian born artist Konstantin Kalinovych, he has drawn since childhood. Born in 1959 in Novokuznetsk, soon the family moved to Lugansk, and the boy started studying art at children’s art school, in class of N.M. Paputsin. But in his biography were other teachers who have left an indelible mark on his soul. Kalinovych enjoyed the art world he studied, meeting with masterpieces, and masters who created them. While studying architecture at the Civil Engineering Institute in St. Petersburg, Konstantin actively took classes in etching studio and became interested in engraving.
The head of the studio – G.P.Pakharevsky strongly contributed to this and tried to convey to his disciple all sorts of tricks of the trade. It was in St. Petersburg, the artist tasted the smell of the first victories in the battles with sheets of paper, copper plate and the machine he took as an artist. To improve his unusual talent Kalinovich went to the Faculty of book graphics of Lvov Institute of Printing (now the Ukrainian Academy of Printing). The atmosphere of creativity and professionalism has further strengthened his decision to make the right choice.
Kalynovych came to the real world, preserving memories of distant times, bizarre events, extraordinary people … It seems a long time as an apprentice, he polished boards of the great masters, learned the basics of the engraving business, reading the Bible, listening to stories of experienced sailors and travelers.

When and how is born an artist? What time a special awareness and understanding the beauty of the world come to a man? These questions – rhetorical, do not have exact answers, because this process is individual, this is God’s providence.
“I love the process, including the dirty work: cutting and polishing metal, smoking a special varnish, etc. I like that result is not immediately visible, and only having printed the first sample all your work shows up. As if in a dark room suddenly lights up a lamp”.
In the gallery “V-concept” (St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 78) with the participation of the publishing house “Vita Nova” and the gallery of “Neva Tower” opened the exhibition “The plot: Bosch.” The exhibition features drawings of both Russian and foreign artists, including the work of Konstantin Kalynovych. The exhibition lasts till 13 November.