ISOLATED IN THE WILDERNESS (Covid19 in the Darkworld)

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Painting with Acrylic on Canvas 25 × 20.
In this tragic Pandamic moments of the world, where all seems Dark and blue, whole universe in standstill, isolated and Praying to see the Peaceful colour of Freedom Precipitate again just to flee out like birds eloping from the cave.
Ironically the whole human race turned into Ants, shopping food in bulk and diced into Quarantine.
On this verge of Quarantine my major consent reverts on our Poor innocent kids, the homeless,weak & old whether black or white, who struggles to provide square meal on daily basis.
I visualize in awe the Poor homeless boy,girl,man or woman soaring effortlessly Isolated in the wilderness with torn old clothes,bare cold feet,shivering, starving,with weary fingers and Red heavy eyelids exposed to all the dangers of the wilderness.
My Voice is “are there any measures taken by leaders & dignitaries in the world most especially in Africa to provide adequate support for these people?
Every life matters, nobody knows the future, maybe this homeless poor boy or girl,man or women holds a Significant Role to play for the world.

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1 review for ISOLATED IN THE WILDERNESS (Covid19 in the Darkworld)

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