Iryna Zastavna “Lorgnette”

“Lorgnette”, series “For two”; 2021; canvas, oil; 60 x 80 cm

A picture takes a viewer to the theatrical atmosphere with its attribute – lorgnette. Glamorous entourage does not deny the mysteriousness and intrigue of the picture. Why do girls look alike? Who serves the lorgnette? Why is there only one lorgnette which is shared between two ladies? An artist offers the viewers to continue the story by setting a certain mood using shapes, colors and details.

About artist: Iryna Zastavna
Iryna Zastavna was born in Siauliai in 1963. She finished Kyiv Republican Art School in 1982. Iryna ended printmaking workshop practice and graduated from National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture in 1989. She lives and works in Kyiv.

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