Iryna Akimova “Peonies wake up. Series SPRING STUDIES”

2021; acrylic on canvas; 100 х 80 cm

“The recurrence of the seasons is the only form of eternity that exists in nature,” wrote the American philosopher George Santayana. The change of seasons, like a chronometer, counts down the fleeting time and invites you to enjoy every moment of life. An endless variety of colors and plots that nature gives us – from blue icy winter branches, pale pink and purple spring flowers to lush summer greenery with bright yellow spots. He who has managed to collect the pieces of this magical mosaic in his own picture, finds life confidence, wisdom and harmony …
The SPRING STUDIES series offers unusual abstractions with elements of realism. An intricate composition is built from intricate figures and symbols, through which real branches and flowers grow. As if spring itself reproduces the living flesh of nature from invisible magical components.

About artist: IRINA AKIMOVA
IRINA AKIMOVA – Ukrainian artist, representative of contemporary art. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Born in Kharkiv, lives and works in Kyiv. He has participated in many group exhibitions of paintings in art galleries and museums of Ukraine and the world. Her works are in the private collections of Ukrainian and European collectors. In 2016, Iryna Akimova founded and headed the public association “Ukrainian Association of Women’s Studies in Art”. In 2017, together with the Institute of Contemporary Art, she founded the annual Art Festival of Women’s Art.

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