Helgana Shyshkina-Rybalskaya “A flower called “Ukraine”: inside are people like gold.”

2014; acrylic and acrylic fluorescent; canvas on a stretcher; 50 x 60 cm; UkraineThe painting has nails for vertical placement. 



The painting is an image of a huge tropical flower of expressive blue color (many shades), with white streaks and yellow and gold stamens with a pistil. 

Work on this painting began in 2013, when dissatisfaction with the role that Ukrainian citizens played in the world was already flying in the air. The leading idea of this work is that people are the main wealth of Ukraine. 

The painting was awarded a publication in the international art magazine “THE SCENE & HEARD” in August 2017 (on the eve of the Independence Day of Ukraine): https://medium.com/the-scene-heard/flower-named-ukraine-in-the-middle-there-are-people-like-gold-109d2a380bb1

The painting also took part in the collective exhibition “Together with the Sun” at the Central House of Artists in Kyiv in 2014.


About artist: 

Helgána Shyshkina-Rybalskaya was born in 1974 in Kyiv, in the family of an engineer-inventor, a direct descendant of the outstanding Russian artist Ivan Shishkin. At an early age she became interested in painting. From the age of 4 she studied drawing with a private teacher, and also had the status of a prodigy from Kyiv. From the age of 8 she studied in the studio of the Honored Artist of Ukraine NP Semenyuk. At the age of 10, she first took part in an art exhibition. 15 of her paintings of children and youth were selected by a special commission for the Children’s Art Gallery of Kyiv, in the funds of which they are kept to this day. Also during this period she was engaged in swimming, studied at a music school and attended a theater group. At the age of 15, she formed the rock band “Shadows of Mirkwood”, where she was an author and front-girl and performed under the pseudonym “Elven Queen Genelos”. But painting was still a priority for her. 

Her health has deteriorated since the Chernobyl tragedy. In particular, an allergy to the components of oil painting was detected. After that, it became clear that the girl would not be able to take a standard course at the Academy of Arts. Therefore, she entered the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv as a philologist and successfully graduated in 1997, after which she worked in television, became a cult culturologist and even served in the police. But in parallel with this activity she tried her hand at graphics, and also collaborated as a designer with tile manufacturers and jewelers. 

Only in 2007 did she learn about the existence of acrylic paints. This knowledge completely changed her life, because the color – southern and juicy – returned to her life. Then she left her job in the office and devoted herself entirely to creativity. As an artist, she participated in many international exhibitions and prestigious competitions, won international competitions. Some of her paintings have been purchased in collections around the world. Also, some of her works are recorded in catalogs. There are also positive reviews from critics about her painting.

As an artist, she works exclusively with artistic (not construction!) paints of the elite segment. In her work, she combines advanced acrylic technology with the techniques of old masters of painting of the academic era. Her average working time on the painting is 9 months. Helgána believes that being an artist is the best work on Earth: “As an artist, I can recreate the vanishing beauty of our nature or create New Worlds.”

The list of exhibitions, competitions, victories and the press can be found here: https://www.singulart.com/en/artist/helgana-shyshkina-rybalskaya-9439