green war


115 x 113 сm (45,27 x 44,48 inches). Gloss, glamor, globalization destroy the nature and natural existence of people, destroying centuries-old trees and depriving Aboriginal people of houses. All this comes to the viewer in a shocking manner in the project.

The work continues the project «Psychodarwinism», which raises the themes of globalization and evolution, calls into question the rationality of religion, politics and modern technologies, ridicule the society of consumption.

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Original artwork from the the series “Psychodarwinism”, in which the animals are compared to people. The work is entirely made of magazines.  The work depicts the monkey snorting cocaine on holland still life.

As the collage elements are made from small pieces, zooming reveals multiplot elements and variety of forms in every single fragment of the picture. Rich range of colors.  The work is framed. Signed on the right bottom, 2019.


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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 7 × 115 × 113 cm


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