Galina Shevtsova “Lisbon. View from Grasa hill.”

1. Galina Shevtsova: “Lisbon. View from Grasa hill.”
2014, canvas, acrylic, 20×30 cm.
Author: Galina Shevtsova

2. Poetry “Flight”
Author: Solomiya Mardarovich
Size 20 x 30 cm.
Printing on photo paper

Art project “Flight”
Artistic collaboration called Art Project “Flight” in the framework of the exhibition “Femininity!”, Which is attended by three artists from different parts of the country:
Halyna Shevtsova – author of paintings (Dnipro)
Anna Burban – project manager and author (Lviv)
Solomiya Mardarovych – author of poetry (Kolomyia)
The uniqueness of the Art Project “Flight” lies in the cooperation of artists from different parts of the country, different generations, an exceptional combination of painting and poetry as a reflection on what is seen. In this way, the viewer not only comprehends the picture as a painting, but also immerses himself in the world of the poetic word.
Poetry “Flight” was created specifically for the picture and has not been published or read anywhere before.

Поезія «Політ»

(Арт-проект «Політ» в рамках виставки «Femininity»)
Автор – Соломія Мардарович

Стежини, виткані із сонця,
у ритмі вуличних мотивів,
на листях розливають радість.
В уста цілують тендітні
хвилі романтичних марень.
Заквітчані ж серця, серед
обіймів вітру, очікують
відчути запах волі.
Я знаю, що душа
шукає золотих порогів.
Ласкавимо просимо у рай:
тут диво з казкою
на перехресті вулиць
затанцювали вальс із білих орхідей

Project participants:
• Anna Burban
Director of Svitovyd Gallery (Lviv), art director of Svitovid Art Café (Lviv). Art curator, founder of the “Live art project”, which aims to “revive” painting through poetry, prose or music.
Head of the Kolomyia – Our City Charitable Foundation, where over 14 years of activity more than 80 artistic events and projects of international status have been realized. The main emphasis in the work of the director of the gallery, the head of the Foundation is on the realization of the creative potential of young and talented.
Writer, lawyer, public figure.

• Halyna Anatoliivna Shevtsova
Ukrainian. She was born on November 24, 1975. in Dnipropetrovsk.
Halyna Anatoliivna Shevtsova – is the founder of a private art school for all ages in Dnipro. This affects the multi-vector process of educating creative youth, both in the classical framework and in the modern contemporary direction. As an organizer of exhibitions, she held about 60 art exhibitions at the art grounds of her hometown.
As an artist, she has participated in about 50 exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Inspired by the legends of his native land, as well as travel and architecture of different countries. In his work he studies the connections of European culture. Works on the problem of national and international means of imagery in painting. In 2016 she was awarded a diploma of a participant of the All-Ukrainian exhibition-competition of fine and decorative arts. Kyiv, Academy of Arts of Ukraine. Winner of the Grand Prix of the Biennial of Contemporary Art ,, KOLOMYIA-ART ,, in the category “Painting”. Kolomyia, Svitovyd Art Center, 2018
The works are stored: in the Art Museum of Chernivtsi; Museums of Arts of Prykarpattia, Ivano-Frankivsk; in the Art Center “Worldview”, Kolomyia; in the corporate collection of the Ministry of Health, Dnipro; in the corporate collection of Hotel Tobaco, Lodz, Poland; in the corporate collection of Khutoro-Gubynska Secondary School of I-III grades, Dnipropetrovsk region; and private collections in America, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Poland, France, Russia, Ukraine.

• Solomiya Mardarovych
Poet, actress (Solomiya Theater, Kolomyia), journalist, host and organizer of art events.
She received three educations: law (Kyiv), international relations and journalism and social communication (Lublin, Poland). Author of two poetry collections “Grammar of Sound” and “When I Wanted to Fly”. I write in Ukrainian and Polish. She was awarded at the “Coronation of the Word” and at Polish literary competitions.
I run my own YouTube channel, where I recite author’s works, as well as works of classics and contemporaries
I am fond of studying foreign languages (French, English and Polish).
I am working on a podcast about theater and cinema in different countries called “Fever behind the scenes”.

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